dr inż. Roman Krzanowski

Roman M. Krzanowski has graduate degrees in engineering, philosophy and information sciences from universities in Poland, UK, Canada, and USA. He is an expert in Ethernet networking technology spatial information systems and information processing. In his Ph.D. he developed the class of the spatial genetic algorithms. He published books in information science, network technology and the philosophy of Tao and TDK. He holds numerous international patents in information and networking systems. He also authored several networking standards with international standard organizations.

His interests in philosophy include the philosophy of information and informatics, ontology and metaphysics of nature, ethics and ethical problems created in information society, the problem of infospehere, the history of ideas with the special attention to pre-Socratics, Plato, Aristotle and applied philosophy. He is currently working on he conceptualization of the nature of information and its ontology.

The selected publications:

Metro Ethernet Services for LTE Backhaul. Roman Krzanowski, Artech House, 2013.

Tao of Network Design. Roman Krzanowski. Bookstand, 2012.

Studying with Grand Master. The Art of Tao Kwon Do. Roman Krzanowski. White Palins, 2014.

Spatial Genetic Algorithms. Spatial Evolutionary Modeling. Roman Krzanowski. OUP. 2001.

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